Classic Steampunk Movies You Should Watch Again

The steampunk genre has opened a great niche not only for books but also for movies. Many movies under the steampunk genre will give you a lot of weird inventions and original settings. Steampunk movies combine the elements of science fiction and fantasy.

You may be looking for the movie to ease you into the genre. You may be looking for a film that will help you fall even more in love with it. No matter your reason, you will be sure to enjoy the classic steampunk movies that are included in this list.

So strap on your steampunk goggles, find a good seat and watch some of these genre defining steampunk classics:

A Trip To The Moon

This is one of the earliest movies not only of the steampunk genre but also of the science-fiction genre. This is a short classic that gives you an idea of the core of the genre. Since this was released and produced during the years of the steam-powered era, you can see individual components and elements.

The story of this movie is a rocket that is sent to the moon. It includes other types of machinery along the course of this film. The characters and the setting perfectly give you the idea of how steampunk should be. Since this was from more than a century ago, this movie is only less than 13 minutes long. However, despite its short length, it is sure to leave you with feelings that will stay with you for a long time.


Howl’s Moving Castle

The Howl’s Moving Castle is an animated steampunk movie from an award-winning director. The most important element of this story is the moving castle, and it will surely fulfill your dreams about the steampunk niche. This movie shows the adventures of Sophie, a cursed 18 years old girl, and Howl, a mysterious magician.

This movie is both touching and compelling. It has a beautiful outlook and leaves the audience fascinated with the various inventions and worlds that it presents. The story is also touching and moving, letting you be immersed in Sophie and Howl’s adventures.


The City Of Lost Children

You may have heard or watched this steampunk movie in the past. This is one of the movies that can perfectly represent the idea of steampunk that most people have in mind. The City of Lost Children will make viewers feel a lot of emotions – from pity to fascination, from sadness to hopefulness.

The story of this steampunk movie is a scientist that gathers children to steal their dreams so that he can age slower. From the kidnapped children to the mad scientist, you will feel empathetic emotions for all of the characters. The settings and the objects in this movie are also fantastic and mythical. It will leave you impressed and hopeful.

This movie is both twisted and weird, but do not let those factors deter you. At the heart of this steampunk movie is a very encouraging and inspirational message. This classic film will undoubtedly stay with you for a long time.


Choosing the right sectional sofa – Avoid costly mistakes


Honestly, furniture is not one of those house items that you will be looking to but every day. In fact, when you make the right purchase, you probably will never have to go back to it, not unless you want to change things up. But even then, several years will have passed.

There is nothing as frustrating as buying the best-looking furniture in the store, thinking that it is the perfect piece only to find out it is not what you were after. You will have wasted your time and hard earned money. Now don’t get this all twisted. It is one thing to have the wrong fabric or fabric color and another to have the entire design not fitting for your home – you just cannot live with that.

The furniture you choose has to be perfect and fitting just right. This is especially important if you are in the market for a sectional sofa. Unlike other pieces of furniture, sectional sofas tend to be picky. Their design and format do not allow them to be universal. Choosing the wrong type will be a costly mistake.

The good news is that there is a formula, rules that you could follow to avoid falling into the same pit many who have come before you have. These rules will make your selection a breeze.

Understand the terminologies used


Before you waltz into a store, do your homework. Ensure that you are comfortable with all the terminologies used to define the different sectional sofa formats. Whether you are looking to have a chair, sofa, chaise or loveseat for a sectional sofa, you will come across these terms; right facing and left facing sectional sofas.

Put succinctly; these terms refer to the position of the arm when you are facing the furniture. For a left facing sectional sofa, the arm would be on your left while for the right facing sofa the arm would be on your right.

It is important that you get the arm positioning right. Right and left facing sectional sofas are for the most part not interchangeable.

Plan for the placement

Sectional sofas contain several pieces. Ideally, the fewer pieces you have, the lower the price will be, not to mention functional. There are numerous ways that sectional sofas can be designed. This is entirely dependent on your creativity and the carpenter’s skill.

Understanding the options you have for your home is the first step. However, you should note that sectional sofas work with all homes irrespective of design and space. No room is too small for them. In fact, you can have one in a tiny space. On the flip side, however, you shouldn’t assume that since you have a larger room and a more open floor plan that the sectional sofa will automatically work. This could end very badly for you.

As you consider the options at hand, measure the space you have available. Think about the flow of traffic in your home and the positioning of doors and windows.

If you do this right, and especially working with tiny space, the result will be the illusion of a large room. It will feel more organized.

Create/choose your design


Once you have the groundwork over and done with, it’s time to turn your dreams into reality. Since the sectional sofa will probably be the largest piece of furniture in your home, you should have the fabric color matching the décor. Get it right down to the colors and patterns. Whatever your mind can cook up, the industry can provide – believe that.


Sectional sofas can make or break the design of a home. You have to be patient in your choosing if you want to make a lasting impression on your visitors.

Buying a Modern Sofa? How to Get the Most Out of Your Budget

Whether you are setting up a new apartment without anything around or just want to add new décor, modern sofas can be a big elephant. It is particularly the case if you do not have the budget to get extravagant and have everything custom made. However, this does not mean that working with a budget will not get you what you want. You just have to be shrewd on what you spend your very important buck on and, with a bit of luck, you can give your space some elegance without the price tag to match.

Shop online

Most people never really understand the potential of shopping online. Yes it does have its drawbacks but then again, what doesn’t? Not only will you save money in terms of fuel and time, but it is much easier to get sales and discounts online.  The platform is quite secure and the best part is that you would have a multitude of choices to choose from. It is a formidable option especially because you would not have to traverse your area looking for a great deal. However, make sure that you buy from a reputable retailer for the best experience.

Measure up your space

When it comes to getting a modern sofa, you need to make sure that you know the space that you have available. The last thing you want is to have to take it back just because it doesn’t fit. Other than that, you could also jot down some of your other preferences like the color and design that you would like. Keep in mind, since you are working within a budget, it might be had to have all the cards falling in your favor but the goal is to get as close as possible. To make sure you do not sell yourself short, have an open mind and see how the different colors and designs would fit into your space.

Great if you have the space and the budget to work with. Simple and elegant.

Don’t buy beat up and torn up sofas

Usually, you are going to find some really great prices for modern sofas whose fabric has been torn or stained. It might look quite appealing to go in for the purchase. Unless you’re a professional upholsterer, it is not worth the trouble. The work that goes into re-upholstering the sofa is intense and you might find that it cost you more than just getting a decent option.

Even though the price for such a sofa could be greatly subsidized, the work and cost and that goes into rehabilitating it could be a mouthful.

Scour the internet

The internet is a really great place for you to get information on deals and discounts. Blogs are also a great resources. Usually the owners have great connections that could see you get great discounts and vital information.

Have a fall back plan

This is for those that have a dream modern sofa but no money to buy it. There are plenty of options. The best would be to settle for a set of mid-century modern chairs then save up for your kind sofa without any rush. This way, you get what you want without putting your finances on a string which can be a risky venture.

Simple, elegant and less costly. This would be a great place holder until you can save enough for your dream modern sofa.

Getting a modern sofa on a budget can be an uphill task but one that yields results. You just have to make sure to exercise a lot of patience and resilience to make the most out of your purchase.

Choosing the perfect dining set: Make your home entertainment-friendly


A dining set says a lot about who you are as a person, for starters, if you have one, it says that you are, at the very least, a person who entertains the idea of entertaining. If you do entertain or want to entertain more, then a good dining set can be the centerpiece to your social life.

So here are some tips for choosing the perfect set for you:

Find the space:

If you don’t have anywhere to put a dining table then that’s your first problem. Ask yourself why you don’t have the room, do you have an oversized couch or living room set that is taking up all the space? Could you remove some furniture pieces? Is it worth downsizing your sofa a little bit? Who knows, at the end of the exercise you might end up with a fabulous new living room set to go with your dining table. Modern dining chairs and tables are fantastic as they take up very little space while adding tons of style to your dining room. Look for niche retailers who specialize in modern design like EMFURN. For a broader array of choices, is a good alternative.

Measure the space:

Measure twice, cut once is the proverb for those in DIY, but the same can be said when purchasing new furniture, measure the space very carefully, know exactly the dimensions your set needs to fit into, and not just the table, be aware that there will need to be space around the table for chairs. If you’re unsure, check out the services by who’ll draw the furniture into a photogaph of a room you wish to decorate so that you can see how it’ll all go together before you buy.

Decide on your budget:

There’s no point lusting after the latest and greatest in modern home furniture if your budget lends more to second hand restoration. Make sure you know how much you can spend and then do your research, you can get some great stuff online for much cheaper than in stores. Shop around to get the best deal possible.

Buy something to fit your house:

This tip is different to measuring the space, this time I’m referring to a piece of furniture that will fit in with the overall flow of your home. Don’t buy a heavy dark wood medieval style table if your current style runs more towards French Provincial and likewise for an ultramodern look when the rest of your furniture is antique.

Before you buy:

Check up on details like warranty and shipping insurance, you don’t want to bring home your brand new and find that it’s already damaged. Also check whether or not you’ll have to assemble the set yourself, make sure you have the right tools ready, or a handy friend to help out if you’re not that DIY friendly.

And voila! You’re ready to invite all your friends round for that dinner party you’ve been meaning to have; now all you need to do is learn to cook!

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